Total Sport
Great Events, Stunning Locations

Our Purpose

We love what we do

Our story is a pretty simple one.

Born in 2000, the journey has been an interesting, challenging and enlightening one, where somewhere along the way our mantra became “Great Events, Stunning Locations”.

We are a small team of like-minded people who share a passionate belief in creating opportunities for people from all walks of life to experience some of the most stunning landscapes on offer in New Zealand, this wonderful adventure playground we get to call home.

We are energised and rewarded by being able to create a positive, welcoming and non-threatening environment for people to share, connect & inspire through adventure.

Seeing people come together to challenge themselves amidst the energising outdoors is what gets us out of bed each and every day. Put another way, it’s our “Why”.

We are a company focused on creating quality, meaningful event experiences for everyday people with everyday challenges.

We’ve been told by our community that one of their key drivers in coming to our events is to ‘escape the grind’, and rest assured, we take the responsibility to deliver “escape the grind” experiences very seriously!

We appreciate that our people have a huge amount of choice around how they spend their valuable leisure time, and we appreciate the choice that thousands make each year to spend some of that precious time with us.

We strive to be better in everything we do, and love the concept of incremental improvement. We’re not perfect, and we love to learn. We listen to our participants, partners and stakeholders, and base a lot of change and improvements around what we hear.

We stand by our pillars and values every day as they shape our business, our decisions and our actions. In all that we do we aim to be Inspiring, Innovative, Inclusive, Sustainable, and to operate with Integrity at all times.

At the end of the day, at Total Sport our mission is our passion… “To create challenging and inspiring experiences in stunning locations. Our products are great events, our business is people”.

If you’re reading this, then you’re adding an important piece to the ever-evolving Total Sport journey. We thank you for your time, your commitment, your energy and passion you share for who we are, and what we do. Welcome to the family!

The Total Sport team